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Providing cutting edge curriculum design of sport and leadership development through physical and cognitive training.

when handed a purpose, redesign your priorities! 

Conditioned Minds Foundation

We are a non-profit organization that services the silent callings for leadership enhancement surrounding how clients prepare, execute, and self-assess. Conditioned Minds Foundation uses a comprehensive interactive and supportive experiential approach to train cognitive behavior by helping today’s generation regulate complex traits such as attention, risk assessments, decision making, and social skills; overall becoming more focused leaders. 

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It's All About Work Ethic

What We Honor

Develop the attitude 

  Physically train the mindset

  Inspire the mental strength to preserver. 

  Interactive cognitive approach. 

  Transformative learning model. 

P.O. Box 201232

Cartersville, GA 30120

678-615-8160 conditionedminds@gmail.com

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